12 February 2011


Mi smo imali više postova o tome koje i zašto ubio Aleksandra Litvinenka, bivšeg agenta ruske obaveštajne službe.

Međutim, nismo pokrili neke vrlo zanimljive stvari. Recimo ovde imate snimak jedne tribine u Londonu gde je Litvinenko direktno optužio Putina za smrt novinarke Ane Politkovskaje, dve nedelje pre misterioznog trovanja.

Ali, ja mislim da je jedan od ključnih detalja zašto je Litvinenko ubijen zapravo sledeće svedočenje. Ajman Al Zavahiri, drugi čovek Al Kaide je agent FSB (KGB):

The second person in the terrorist organization "Al Qa'eda", about whom they speak as about the organizer of the series of explosions in London , Aiman al-Zavahiri, is an old agent of the FSB. Being sentenced to death penalty in Egypt for terrorism and searched by the Interpol, Aiman al-Zavahiri in 1998 was in the territory of Dagestan , where for half a year was trained a special preparation at one of the educational bases of the FSB. After the preparation he was transferred to Afghanistan , in which he had never been before and where, following the recommendation of his Lubyanka chiefs, he at once after the arrival penetrated into the surrounding of Ben Laden and soon became his assistant in the "Al Qa'eda"...During my service in one of the most confidential departments of the FSB, those heads from the UFSB of Dagestan, who directly had worked with Aiman al-Zavahiri, after his successful terrorist preparation and transferring to Afghanistan , were called to Moscow and received high posts.

Više o optužbama koje je Litvinenko izneo na račun Putina, pre nego što je ubijen donosi čak i vrla Vikipedija.

Simpozijum o Rusiji

Na Frontpage magazinu. Učestvuju, između ostalih, Jon Mihai Pacela, Pavel Stroilov i Vladimir Bukovski. Evo po mom sudu najboljeg pasusa, u kome Stroylov i Bukovski komentarišu Pacepinu tezu da je komunizam posledica tradicionalnog ruskog samodržavlja i autoritarizma:

The “historic traditions” theory has been disproved time and again over many decades – even Vladimir here wrote much about it in his 1989 book USSR: From Utopia to Disaster. And yet, alas, it does not die – because it is convenient to everyone. With this theory, the intellectuals don’t have to recognize the KGB and Gulag as legitimate children of their utopia. Moscow’s sympathizers invoke it in mitigation, like a provincial lawyer who invokes the hard childhood of his client in mitigation of his crimes. Putin and company simply love it, because it gives them historic legitimacy where they have none. Those nations who were lucky enough to survive the 20th century without being taken over by communists are flattered by the implied superiority of their civilization. Those who were taken over by communists can forget the inconvenient fact that, Moscow’s influence notwithstanding, most communist crimes in, say, Romania, were committed by Romanians and not Russians. In brief, all of us are relieved of our responsibility, since all responsibility is now laid on one man: Ivan the Terrible. And he no longer cares. Nor can we put him on trial. It makes much more sense to blame Adam and Eve, who started all this mess by eating the apple.