17 November 2011

Kako da država napusti evro uz što manje problema?

Ako mislite da imate dobar odgovor na ovo pitanje, možete da zaradite 250 hiljada funti:

The Wolfson Economics Prize will be awarded to the person who is able to articulate how best to manage the orderly exit of one of more member states from the European Monetary Union.

There is now a real possibility that political or economic pressure may force one or more states to leave the Euro. If the process is managed badly it would threaten European savings, employment and the stability of the international banking system. The Wolfson Economics Prize aims to ensure that high quality economic thought is given to how the Euro might be restructured into more stable currencies.

The Wolfson Economics Prize, worth £250,000 (€286,000), is the second biggest cash prize to be awarded to an academic after the Nobel Prize. Deadline for submissions will be January 31st 2012.


Scenario iz Životinjske farme ostvario se i na Occupy Wall Streetu. Odgledajte do kraja: