17 December 2018

Kontrarevolucija u ime slobode

Moja knjiga "The American Counter-revolution in Favor of Liberty: How Americans Resisted Modern State 1765-1850" (iznad) izlazi iz štampe 19 januara a kindle verzija je već dostupna. Ovde imate detaljniji opis sa sadržajem poglavlja itd. Upozorenje: izdavač (Palgrave Macmillan) je nametnuo sumanutu cenu za ovo izdanje - 89 dolara. Ne znam šta da kažem osim da ako niste totalni fanatik ranog američkog liberalizma ili imate višak para - čekajte na popuste (koji slede) ili na meko izdanje.

O temi i argumentu knjige, iz prvog poglavlja:

This book... wants to go back to the defeated and now marginalized, localist-libertarian tradition of American politics. To the people who resisted the project of “fiscal-military state”. What they believed, what kind of social and political worldview inspired them? What economic philosophy did they have? Were they just scared reactionaries wary of “economic modernization”, as historians often portray them, or free market ideologues wary of governmental power in economic life? How their localism fits into their concepts of liberty? Have their views evolved in the period 1765-1850 and how? Was there any attempt to reconcile their ideas with the nationalist ones? And above all, how answers to all these questions affect the (re)evaluation of the American Revolution as such?  

The book.... argues that the essence of the American Revolution should not be sought in the constitutional-reformist feats of the “framers” during the 1780s but in political and social resistance to their efforts. There have been two revolutions going on in the same time in the late 18th century America; the modern European revolution “in favor of government”, pursuing national unity, “energetic” government and centralization of power (what historians usually dub “American founding”), and the conservative, reactionary counter-revolution “in favor of liberty”, defending local rights and liberal individualism against the encroaching political authority. This is a book about this classical liberal counter-revolution, about its ideological, political and cultural sources and central protagonists, about men who resisted over a period of decades, by word and by sword, the new politics of a nation state, in the name of traditional American principles of liberty and local self-government. It concentrates on revolutionary patriots, antifederalists of the 1780s, Jeffersonians and Jacksonians of the early decades of the 19th century and ends with John C. Calhoun, the most systematic thinker of this tradition.

Evo sadržaja knjige:

Table of Contents

Part I: America and Traditional British Liberties
Chapter 1: The American Revolution as the Last European Peasants’ Rebellion
Chapter 2: Consent, Representation and Liberty: America as the Last Medieval Society
Chapter 3: Shades of Anarchy: The Concept of Lawful Rebellion in America

Part II: On a Collision Course with Modern State
Chapter 4: Men of Little Faith Facing the Modern State: The Country Party Ideology in Great Britain.
Chapter 5: When in the Course of Human Events… - Hobbes, Locke and the Long Parliament against America.
Chapter 6: The Great Derailment: Philadelphia Putsch of 1787 and the Coming of the American State

Part III States’ Rights Philosophy as a Synthesis and Reconciliation
Chapter 7: 1776 Strikes Back – Antifederalist Critics of the Constitution
Chapter 8: The Compact Theory of the Union – A Revolution within a Form
Chapter 9: Free Market in a Small Republic – Economic Doctrines of Jeffersonians and Jacksonians
Chapter 10: The Last Stand: John C. Calhoun