16 October 2011


Robert Wenzel opisuje svoj susret sa jednim "okupatorom" u Vašingtonu.

When I asked Kyle specifically, what "bringing balance to the world" would look like, he told me it would be a world without money or property rights. He explained to me that the Occupation camp which we were in was an example of a community without property rights. "We share everything," he told me.

At that point, since everything was being shared, I asked him for his jacket, the funky glasses in his pocket, the leather necklace he was wearing and his smartphone. Suddenly, a bit of property rights did emerge at the Occupation.. Kyle explained to me that property rights did in fact apply to things on your person and things you can carry.

Posle ovoga mi Facebook dosetka jedne moje drugarice: "Ima li neko primerak bonova za posle okupacije, da se opskrbim na vreme, ili ćemo kasnije da se dogovaramo o tehničkim pitanjima?" - zvuči čak i previše blagonaklono.