05 June 2011

Najhrabriji libertarijanac u Americi

Neokon Andy McCarthy:

Medicare deserves to be destroyed, and destroying it would be better for current and future generations, young and old. So why not make that case? Other than a committed socialist ideologue, no one in his right mind would vote to implement Medicare today — not if we were on a clean slate and knew what we know now about its ruinous operation...

Medicare is a scam. The people who designed and perpetuated it would be serving more jail time than Bernie Madoff if they pulled a fraud like it in the private sector. As it is for the victims Madoff swindled, so it is for we who’ve been swindled by Washington: The money is gone. We can make provisions for the needy elderly who are about to hit eligibility and have relied on Medicare in their asumptions. But the party is over — and the sooner we grasp that, the fewer victims there will be.

Preserving a scam in the vain hope of making it less offensive may be well-meaning, but it’s not right, and it’s not courageous.

Da čujemo sad ima li "libertarijanca", u Vašingtonu, u Teksasu, bilo gde, spremnog da javno kaže isto što i McCarthy?

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