03 October 2012

Pogled sa planete Zemlje

Gledajući preporuke nobelovca Krugmana, setio sam se pisma koje je pre deset godina Keneth Rogoff poslao nobelovcu Stiglitzu:

Let's look at Stiglitzian prescriptions for helping a distressed emerging market debtor, the ideas you put forth as superior to existing practice. Governments typically come to the IMF for financial assistance when they are having trouble finding buyers for their debt and when the value of their money is falling. The Stiglitzian prescription is to raise the profile of fiscal deficits, that is, to issue more debt and to print more money. You seem to believe that if a distressed government issues more currency, its citizens will suddenly think it more valuable. You seem to believe that when investors are no longer willing to hold a government's debt, all that needs to be done is to increase the supply and it will sell like hot cakes. We at the IMF—no, make that we on the Planet Earth—have considerable experience suggesting otherwise. We earthlings have found that when a country in fiscal distress tries to escape by printing more money, inflation rises, often uncontrollably. Uncontrolled inflation strangles growth, hurting the entire populace but, especially the indigent. The laws of economics may be different in your part of the gamma quadrant, but around here we find that when an almost bankrupt government fails to credibly constrain the time profile of its fiscal deficits, things generally get worse instead of better.

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Anonymous said...

Iako sam amater i ekonomiji,masa stvari u modernoj makroekonomiji je zasnovana na antilogici,nešto što je na mikro nivou logično i jasno kao dan po modernim mejnstrim makroekonomistima je nelogično. Ono što je dobro i za Peru i Miki i Žiku i sve ostale je totalno loše za sve njih zajedno. A niko od vajnih svetskih ekonomista(sem austrijanaca) ni a da gukne i kaže ,,ljudi pa o čemu se ovde radi''