21 January 2012

Tržišno rešenje za Kosovo, Folklandska ostrva i ostale problematične teritorije

Piše Stiv Henke:

This is where markets come in. The Falklanders would have to be compensated by Argentina. The referendum would be designed so that Argentina could offer a cash incentive. Before the referendum, Argentina would deposit an amount (let's say USD $500,000) in escrow, in Swiss bank accounts for every man, woman and child who had proven their Falklands residence prior to the referendum.

If the referendum went in Argentina's favor (over 80% of eligible voters casting a "yes" vote), then the funds in escrow would be transferred and Argentina's unambiguous sovereignty over the Falklands would be established. Argentina's cost, in this hypothetical, would be about USD $1.6 billion.

A transparent market solution for the Falklands and other disputed territories would be a cost-effective way to unambiguously establish sovereignty — a way that avoids blundering into unwanted wars and spilling blood, sweat and tears.