16 August 2010

Deregulacija saobraćaja

Iz vrlo, vrlo zanimljivog članka u New York Timesu:

To make communities safer and more appealing, Mr. Monderman argues, you should first remove the traditional paraphernalia of their roads - the traffic lights and speed signs; the signs exhorting drivers to stop, slow down and merge; the center lines separating lanes from one another; even the speed bumps, speed-limit signs, bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings. In his view, it is only when the road is made more dangerous, when drivers stop looking at signs and start looking at other people, that driving becomes safer.

Deregulacija železnica

Retko se viđa ovako jasna slika. Ovo je kretanje cena i produktivnosti američkih teretnih železnica pre i posle njihove deregulacije.