20 December 2011

Englezi o svetloj strani komunizma

Neil Clark, Guardian:

No one questions that (Vaclav) Havel, who went to prison twice, was a brave man who had the courage to stand up for his views. Yet the question which needs to be asked is whether his political campaigning made his country, and the world, a better place.
Havel's anti-communist critique contained little if any acknowledgement of the positive achievements of the regimes of eastern Europe in the fields of employment, welfare provision, education and women's rights. Or the fact that communism, for all its faults, was still a system which put the economic needs of the majority first.


Anonymous said...

I nacisti su antikomunisti :)

sava_savanovic said...

Ovaj lik što je pisao ovo je inače viliki fan Miloševića.