03 April 2009

Fasizam u svojoj epohi

"Trying to handle the crisis, ... government nationalized the holdings of large banks which had accrued significant industrial securities. The government also issued new securities to provide a source of credit for the banks and began enlisting the help of various cartels…. The government offered recognition and support to these organizations in exchange for promises that they would manipulate prices in accordance with government priorities. A number of mixed entities were formed… whose purpose it was to bring together representatives of the government and of the major businesses.… This economic model based on a partnership between government and business was soon extended to the political sphere, in what came to be known as corporatism.… They began to impose significant tariffs and other trade barriers.… Various banking and industrial companies were financially supported by the state.… The national leader created the New Governmental Entity….which soon controlled 20% of the nation's industry through government-linked companies.… The national leader also adopted a Keynesian policy of government spending on public works to stimulate the economy.… Public works spending tripled to overtake defense spending as the largest item of government expenditure."

Ako mislite da je ovo opis Amerike pod Obamom, jako se varate. To je opis Italije pod Musolinijem, onako kako ga pruza Wikipedija (uz malo mog editovanja nekoliko imenica koje bi otkrile "prevaru").

Citat je zapravo preuzet iz pomalo zastrasujuceg clanka Il Duce, Redux, objavljenog na sajtu American Spectator. On me je podsetio na jedan raniji odlican clanak koji se sam linkovao vec, a koji se bavi istom temom - Obamom kao nekom vrstom "novog Ducea".

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