26 May 2010

Nekoliko zanimljivih linkova

1. Met Ridli, o bakteriji koja možda igra ulogu u formiranju oblaka. Iz posta:

By chance today my son and I were walking in the rain and we started imagining a future in whcih weather is controllable, but some countries decide when it should rain by political means -- referendums, committees, bureaucracies, protests -- while others leave it to the market. We plan to write a Swiftian satire along these lines. One wet day.

Jednakost je važna, ali nije dovoljna

Person A receives a kidney transplant as a donation from person B. A short time later, person B is having financial troubles and her home may go into foreclosure. Person A is considering giving her some money to help out.

So what does the "Ethicist" say about all this? Apparently, both of these gifts are noble acts, worthy of the highest praise and admiration. Unless, that is, there is some reason to think they are linked together. In that case, the reallocation of resources (kidney, cash) would be a despicable market transaction
... The sad truth is that under the Ethicist's code of conduct, we have more deaths and more foreclosures than necessary, all in the name of fairness.

4. Going Green, Džon Stosel

One nuclear power plant in Texas covers about 19 square miles, an area slightly smaller than Manhattan. To produce the same amount of power from wind turbines would require an area the size of Rhode Island. This is energy sprawl. To produce the same amount of energy with ethanol, another "green" fuel, it would take 24 Rhode Islands to grow enough corn.

5. Evropske zemlje se bacaju na štednju. Pitanje da li će biti dovoljno.

6. Blog Skota Samnera mi postaje sve omiljeniji

7. Solidan tekst o situaciji u Istočnoj Evropi, sa VoxEU

8. Tekst Gvida Tabelinija, o situaciji sa evrom i ECB

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